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MLP chess by Shells124 MLP chess by Shells124
So my friend is a huge brony, and he's been writing this pretty epic MLP fanfiction. For those of you who are not MLP fans, don't judge. Seriously. Anyway, this friend has been a very close friend for a number of years, so it was to my great disappointment that he commisioned someone else for the cover art of his first fanfiction in this series he's been writing. It's a little thing, sure, but I was miffed that he didn't even talk to me about it. So after I expressed my feelings on the matter, he commisioned me to do the cover art for the sequal to his fanfic. So here it is! And a quick link to the fanfiction itself for those of you who are interested, though you should probably read Lines and Webs first, otherwise you will be terribly confused. LINK

Anyway, it's been a LONG time since I've worked with photoshop. About 4 or 5 years ago or so. Recently I've been doing stuff in illustrator at school for my graphic design classes, but I haven't done much with photoshop. I was out of practice with the medium and wanted to try my hand at it again.

And then I discovered that my photoshop is horribly outdated. It doesn't even have the pen tool for pity sakes. So I had some major issues with it, especially since my hand was shaky while drawing my lines with a tablet. In the end, what you see for the lines (for the most part) are actually my pencil lines scanned in and darkened. I had to basically work around all these different problems and such.

So then I got frustrated and cheated. Just a bit! And it's nothing too bad! By the time I was done drawing Sweetie Belle and had somehow managed to get the chess board done completely in photoshop, I was getting kind of tired of all these work-arounds. And I figured that the pony is the most important part anyway. I just needed some sort of chess pieces in there that still looked cool. I will clarify, I was still the one who created the chess pieces. Just not in photoshop, and I didn't draw them. I actually created them in Autodesk 3Ds max. I figured, hey, as long as I have that program, I might as well use it. I still adjusted the lighting and color on the pieces in photoshop, but they weren't hand drawn. Cut me a little slack, I was a little sick of not having my pen tool.

Anyway, hooray, it's done and it looks really cool! Ooh, did you like my little logo like thing I threw in there down in the corner? I thought it was awesome, and this picture needed some blue in it. So there.
Blackwolfoffireworks Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice job with the perspective, and how you managed to form the chess board properly in the distance :) The shiny reflection looks amazing as well. I'm glad to see you got through all the problems you were having! Nice use of expression on the pony, too. Makes it clear the setting is a bit ominous.
Shells124 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
haha, thanks. I made the chess board by making a two point perspective grid in another document and then zooming in on it, which is why it managed to look so accurate, though if you look closely, not all of the squares are actually squares. I accidentally made a few rectangles there. :P
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October 18, 2012
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