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Starlight - Ultima by Shells124 Starlight - Ultima by Shells124
So, I have mentioned that I'm working on a comic. The comic itself is going through the thumbnail sketching process, where I have finalized and finished the great majority of my world building, character development, and story outline where I can start sketching scenes. My thumbnails are about the same quality as my FableTales comics, which means you can pretty well tell what's going on, but not anything I want to be posting just yet. So, no, I don't actually have any comics done just yet. But I have stopped tweaking with the story itself enough to where I can actually post some finalized cover art here, as sort of an update that I am, in fact, working on stuff.

You may notice that this picture is remarkably similar to a picture I have previously posted. The previous picture I did was a VERY underdeveloped version of this character, and it was created before I had even decided I was writing a comic. So disregard the old picture completely. This one's better anyway.

Starlight is the name of the comic. It's a dimension traveling comic, so it doesn't really fit into most genres, but the closest category I get to is space opera sci-fi mixed with fantasy. Still very non-specific, I know, but dimension traveling is sort of like space travel, but with magic.

This character is my story's hero. He's also my main source of comic relief. His superhero name is Ultima, and his actual name is Fajiero. He travels from dimension to dimension helping people out, and he is ever searching out his nemesis, Pyrus Valerian. He also has the flair for dramatic poses and cheesy superhero lines, but only when he's acting the part of Ultima.

Anyway, so there's your brief intro to the comic. I will progressively post more art from Starlight, especially as I get closer to finishing it and turning it into a web comic. I'm still experimenting with digital art and photoshop, and I will eventually be purchasing illustrator, since not having a pen tool is a very sad state of affairs. So, yeah, enjoy! :) I know I will. Fajiero makes me smile.
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So it does, my friend. So it does. :)
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