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Hey, everyone. I thought I'd give you all an update before I disappear off the face of the planet. I'm going to be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I will not be able to paint anything while I am out there, though I will have a sketchbook with me. I also won't have access to a computer. So don't expect any updates from me until I return. I'm leaving on June 17th 2013 and will return somewhere around mid December 2014, and most likely won't resume my activities on deviantart until January 2015. So don't be sad that there will be no new paintings until then, and don't be sad if I don't respond to any of your comments. I'll be back eventually. :) I'll be out serving a good cause. So until then, Goodbye!
Alright, I really don't like ranting about things usually, but I really need to just vent for a second. The good thing is that I know that not many of you (if any at all) will even see this journal (if past experience is anything to go by.) So I am feeling rather frustrated at my own apparent lack of skill. This is probably something that any artist goes through at some point in their life, but it's more than that. See, I have many people who see my drawings or paintings and express how wonderful of an artist I am. And yet how many paintings have I sold? None. How many views do I get regularly? A few. If any. It's sad when my greatest achievements are getting 35 favorites on a piece of fanart, and I had to post that in a seperate forum to even get it noticed. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. And that to me is extremely frustrating. And, yes, the biggest reason for why I get so little aknowledgement is because I'm posting on deviantart which is so over-saturated with artwork that it's nearly impossible to stand out in any way, but sometimes I wonder why some people get hundreds, no, thousands of favorites in a single hour after posting when I can post an equally good painting and receive maybe 8 favorites over the course of several years.

So, yes, I'm discouraged. I'm never going to quit my art because it's what I love doing. I'm not aiming to please the mass media, I'm aiming to produce art. But even still, it makes me feel like the things that I enjoy painting aren't "up to par" with what art should be when almost no one even bothers to view my artwork, and that is kind of depressing to me.

Anyway, that's my rant. Life will now return to normal. Thanks for listening.
The more I try to update journals, the more I realize I have not a lot to say, but the journal still needs updating and so I update.

I am a college student studying studio art. My DA gallery goes back from when I was in seventh grade, so don't judge my earlier works too harshly. I'm still improving, but I find that my best works are my painted landscapes. That being said, I love to draw fantasy and am doing a lot of fantasy work on the side. I ocassionally do fanart, though I prefer to do my own original works. I also have a few comics up like FableTales and am currently working on a larger comic that will most likely not be posted any time soon, but I may post character sketches in my scraps section. And if you're really bored, you can look at my horrible attempts at fanart for bleach, but I would prefer it if you people would look at my actual work instead of fifty-million people favoriting my crappy Feeling Hollow pages I made for my sister Daricio a long time ago merely because they like her story and not necessarily any love for the art itself.

So there.
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So, it's about that time again where I find that I haven't updated my journal in almost a year, so it's horribly outdated and needs to be replaced. Update Time! :D

Well, so as some of you know, I'm out of school until next January. Normally, this would provide me with plenty of time for drawing and painting and such. And it has! ... It's just that I've been working on a project thingamajig that isn't really ready to post and won't be for a very, very long time. You may recall that I posted a superhero drawing. Well, I decided to turn it into a comic. I've been doing lots of character sketches and such, but none of it is really deviantart worthy yet. Not to say they aren't good sketches, it's just that they look really bland next to my paintings and such. It's taking a long time because I'm having to world build, character build, etc. I haven't gotten to a point where I even know what scenes I need. I have a few scenes planned and a general direction to go, but trying to build a world around dimension traveling is tricky. I also only have a grand total of four characters so far (Which is more than what FableTales really has. Yay, me!) and one of those characters is ratherly lacking in a back-story, and his personality needs revamped because he's a really shallow character right at the moment (and kind of a wuss, which considering he's supposed to be the main good guy, that's a big problem.)

I'm also going to be making a new deviantart account so that way when I finally get to the point where I can actually start drawing out scenes for my comic, I won't be flooding my normal DA account with them. It also provides a new scraps section to fill with the before-mentioned character sketches I've been making. Unfortunately, I don't have a title for my comic, and I have no idea what to name my new DA account since Shells124 has been my one and only user name for pretty much everything. The only other user name I have is Shells5578, but that's just lame.

So, anyway. I am also (supposed to be) working on an oil painting for my brother for his birthday, but that's a blank canvas and a reference picture right now, so that's going nowhere fast.

I have also succeeded in making another FableTales comic, but flooding my gallery with FableTales while there's nothing good to space between it would be a bad idea.

And that's about it for an update. Don't worry, once January hits, I'll be an art major, so I'll be cranking out a whole bunch of random drawings and such. :)
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Sorry, I just needed to update this journal since the last one I posted was from last June. XD I'm back and will hopefully be drawing again now that my oil painting is done. I'm up for ideas for drawings if you have them! Also, some friends at school have requested a new comic based off of D&D. If I ever get around to drawing them, would any of you be interested in having them posted on deviantart, or should I just stick with posting only FableTales stuff?
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It's summer. I have a whole lot of ideas for drawing pictures. I appear to be failing at drawing these ideas. I seem to be having troubles drawing anything decent recently. Bear with me for a little bit. I'll be posting more pictures soon once I can get something good out. I now have more materials for oil painting, so I should be able to do more of those, once I can get something drawn decently in preparation for oil paints. On another note, I've restarted project Day Before Tomorrow for those of you who have been waiting for it for forever (Obi.) so you can be expecting more of those. ^^' sorry for putting such a long pause on that.

Anyway, yeah. I don't have a whole lot to do this summer, so I get to fill my time with drawing, video games, and other random projects I've been putting off until I had more time. It's great!

Also, since I don't have a whole lot to do and I'm having difficulties drawing my own ideas, how about I take some of your ideas for drawings and maybe I'll find something out of the list that I can actually draw. So, I'm free for ideas. Just as long as I don't have to draw an OC, because I've discovered that I really hate drawing OC's, including my own OC's. So just... Don't. Please. Other ideas for drawings would be great.
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I found this amusing. I think that Daricio would have fun with it, too.

The rules of the quiz is to put your mp3 player or whatever on shuffle and change songs for each question. The title of the song that comes up will automatically become the answer to that question no matter how random it is.

Some of the results are pretty funny. I'll add my own responses in perentisis.

1. If someone asks if you are ok, what do you say?
Only if ~ Enya (only if you want me to be)

2. How would you describe yourself?
In your letter ~ REO Speedwagon (uh...)

3. What do you like in a guy?
Still alive ~ Glados (that's pretty bad, actually)

4. How do you feel today?
Somewhere I belong ~ Linkin Park (...)

5. What is your life's purpose?
The devil game ~ Kansas (I'm apparently supposed to be evil.)

6. What's your motto?
After dark ~ unknown artist (This is disturbing. Hooray for anime songs)

7. What do your friends think of you?
Hungry like the wolf ~ Duran Duran (ouch)

8. What do your parents think of you?
Bring the world his truth ~ unknown artist (haha)

9. What do you think about very often?
Machine age ~ unknown artist (Do not!)

10. What is 2 + 2?
New religion ~ Duran Duran (uhhh....)

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Movin ~ unknown artist (what best friend? All my friends are equal!)

12. What is your life story?
Next time ~ Stroke 9 (I'll tell you next time, k?)

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
The darkness and the light ~ McVaffe (Muahahaha)

14. What do you think when you see the person you like?
My immortal ~ Evanescence (so now I'm a creepy stalker)

15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Come sail away ~ Styx (That's a weird song to play at a wedding.)

16. What will they play at your funeral?
Orange Crush ~ R.E.M. (...)

17. What is your hobby/ interest?
Tell me ~ Boston (yeah. You tell me. Cuz I sure don't know.)

18. What is your biggest fear?
Overture ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber (I'm afraid of the song blasting my ears out)

19. What is your biggest secret in life?
Your wildest dreams ~ Moody Blues ( use your imagination, cuz I'm not telling.)

20. What do you want right now?
The evil boweevil ~ Jeff Coffin (darn you, random band songs with odd titles.)

21. What do you think of your friends?
Learn to be lonely ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber (ouch. That hurt.)

22. What is the one thing you regret the most?
Forest of healing ~ David Jones (... ? )

23. How will you die?
Think of me ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber ( I die when you think of me. Stop it.)

24. If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?
Folk Dances ~ unknown artist (darn you, random band songs)

25. What did you think of this quiz?
Y.M.C.A ~ Village People (???)

I dunno, it was strangely fun. =D!
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So.... It was a sad day. I noticed that my Bleach doodles got found again somehow and so I was bored and decided to read all of them again. I haven't touched them in months. Many many months. It's... Sad, really. I didn't even bother attempting to end it this time. I just stopped.

So here is my random question for you few people actually reading this: Should the doodles be continued?! Or should I just leave it as it is and pleasantly laugh at the abrupt end?

Also! Random update for my actual journal. Scanning pictures is a pain so things are a bit backed up at the moment. I'll be back to posting stuff soon.

Also, I have started a small comic in my freetime at school. The drawings aren't much better than my last couple of Bleach doodles, but it's an original idea and not based off of Bleach. Instead, it's based off of a video game, but it's more of an original... Ok, you get it. Anyhoo, I've been told to post it to deviantart and I want you peoples' opinions. The main question isn't whether I should post them or not, but rather if I should put them in my scraps section much like I did to all my Bleach doodles since the art isn't all that great.

Anyway, thank you all for enjoying my art and/or my doodles. You're opinion is valued by me (Bahaha)(No, seriously. I care. Really.) and I would appreciate a response to my questions. Thanks! Art will be coming soon.

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As some of you may know, I entered a drawing contest sponsered by the school and the public library. It's a "We love to read" bookmark contest. Well, after entering the same contest every year since 6th grade, I finally won the stupid thing. Hooray! So during my 3rd period class, the principle came in with some city council people and the school's librarian and they congratulated me, gave me some balloons and a copy of the book that the contest chose to sponser this year, showed off my bookmark to the class, gave a short motivational speach on reading good books, took my picture, and left. My entry was my picture, Native Spirits.…
The funny thing is that I had heard that the contest's sponsered book was about native Americans, which is why I came up with this particular design. The book they handed me was a book about a native American who entered the civil war. Not exactly what I was expectling, but, hey! I still won. It doesn't matter.

Oh, and just FYI, I'm having scanner difficulties which accounts for my lack of recent pictures. My parents moved the one computer that I can use that hooks up to the scanner to a location that it is not impossible to hook up to the scanner. I am currently trying to remedy this situation, and hopefully I can get back to posting pictures soon. =D
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Wow, this year has been busy. So I have an after school class every day except for Monday and it has been like that almost since school started. It's been only a month, yet I'm already behind in some classes. u.u AKA math and my programming class. I can do the work, I just don't have the time to (says the person who is currently on deviantart and is still occasionally posting pictures). So lately, I've been relatively frustrated with my drawing projects. I've been trying to draw Tom (another character in Daricio's novel-in-progress), but my first attempts epic failed to I asked Obi for help. After getting help, I wanted to try again, but I was in my before school class where I don't have my backpack. So instead, I put it in the notebook that I have for the class that gets sealed in a class closet everyday after class. Every other attempt I have made that's actually on non-lined paper that I can actually access turned out really bad. So This is like my fourth time trying to draw Tom even though he is possibly the least complicated character in the entire book. He's even easier than Ezra for pity sakes! So I have started on a different project for the time being.

My latest project is helping Daricio write her story. The thing is, part of the story is Dimension traveling madness. Daricio was originally going to write all of this, but then she realized that it would be a cool literary technique if the stuff in different dimensions were written by different people. Katie is doing the main stuff with the most important DMs (Dimension Masters), but I'm doing the stuff on the minor characters that only have any plot significance once in the story. You have already "met" one of the minor characters since I've been introducing them as I draw them. This minor DM is Kaden, our little black mage friend who is currently wielding a fire ball. As you can imagine, I'm having tons of fun writing him. ^^

This also means that you probably won't get to meet Tom for a while. Maybe I'll steal the notebook where he actually looks good and photoshop out the lines. I may or may not start on some of the characters and draw Tom later, but whatever.
So I've been on vacation for the past two weeks. We went down to california hitting all the major amusment parks and stuff. It was fun. I'll be posting a few pics that I did. Less then you may have expected from two weeks, but at least it's something. I actually had more to post, but I accidentally set down my sketchbook in the camp lodge and left for about 20 minutes before going back and discovering that  someone had obtained a free sketchbook. I lost a couple of drawings that I was going to post. It means I'll have to redraw Jim... *sniff*.
Anyway, I'm going to now narrate how my vacation went even though none of you particularly care. I will also make it seem like I had the most miserable trip even though I had a great time. The bad stuff is always the fun stuff to talk about! =D!

So we drove a lot. We slept in a tiny tent trailer no bigger than a car with three beds trying to fit six people in it. My brother wisely brought his own tent. Daricio got attacked by birds almost every day of the trip. We went down to central California's beaches where I buried myself in the sand and my dad played slap the pidgeon and won. The pidgeon then decided to attack Daricio since she was holding the camera through this. While at the beach we got to see the biggest swarm of birds ever flying over the water and catching fish. The horizon line was almost black with them. Then we went to a wild animal park where we got to see animals that are displayed at the local zoo back at home. Daricio nearly got heat exhaustion there, and like most zoos, there were wild birds everywhere left to roam the park. We also got attacked by a swarm of bees there. Then came Disneyland. We had lots of fun, going on all the non-kiddy rides. Space mountain was the best. Then fantasmic failed. The music started up and spotlights shone down to show... nothing... Mickey apparently had to use the restroom at the last minute or something. It was quite amusing listening to the fantasmic as it shut down. Imaginat-eun-euun-eeuunn... XD. The first night I caught heat exhaustion but the magical cure of tylenol revived me so I continued my three days at Disneyland un-sick. On the second day, Daricio met up with her old room mate's friend Jenny. That was pretty awkward since they had never met before. As a metephor, it was Jenny standing on the edge of the cliff, Daricio hanging on desperately to the edge, and me hanging on the Daricio's foot where the shoe was falling off. I got stuck on the front of splash mountain right before the park shut down. My pants were still soaked the next morning. After Disneyland came Sea World. It was pretty cool. I had no idea they had rides there. We got wet again. The sea lion show was pretty good. After Sea World came Magic mountain. That was EPIC!!! The very first thing we did was to go on the ride that was the top of the list for most extreme. I had no idea a roller coaster could even move like that. You know that when it starts you off lying on your back going backwards that it's going to be epic. It was so epic, in fact, that Daricio's shoe came off halfway through the ride. That was the X2. My favorite ride, though, was the tatsu. It literally made you feel like you were flying. There were no lines anywhere since school actually already started in California by that point, so we got to ride almost everything. Pretty much the only super ride we didn't go on was the Superman ride because it sends you up at a 90 degree angle at 100 mph. Not fun. I got a headache from all the rides, especially the one that puts so much force on you that you start to black out. It was like, "WheeeeeeeeeeeeeOMGICAN'TSEE!!!!!" So after magic mountain, we went to Universal studios. I got attacked by a monkey there. It was hot, so I had one of those fans with a spray bottle attatched. We were walking by when I noticed that there was this guy wearing a curious George suit. He had another worker next to him with this dinky little fan pointed at curious George's mouth so the guy inside got the air. I was amused but kept going when curious George suddenly pointed at me. I had a moment of, "I'm being pointed at..." when he walked up to me, grabbed my fan, and began pointing it at himself. He then turned it on me and sprayed me a bit, then went around to everyone in my family and the guy who had been fanning George down before and sprayed them all. So, I got attacked by a monkey. After that, we visited family and went home. Yay! There was a whole lot more to it, but this is one of my longest journals, so I better stop here.

Thus was my vacation. For those of you who just skipped all of that, Kudos to you, I was unable to waste precious minutes of your life. To everyone else who read this entire thing, BWAHAHAHAHAHA, I have control over how you spend the last remaining seconds of your summer!!!!! For those of you who are already in school, I'm sorry. For those of you who have already graduated, FEEL MY PAIN!!! Ok, I'm done now. Honest. I'm just trying to have some fun before school DESTROYS MY SOUL!!!!!!
Ok, so I missed the last two days of my summer class because I was far far away on the endless road to get Daricio from college. She's two states away in the middle of nowhere. While on that road, I created two new doodles! Unfortunately, we got home on a Sunday so I couldn't get on the computer to post them. The next day I went off to camp.
As enjoyable as the camp was, (I was one of the junior leaders), we had record breaking heat in a place with no a/c and not enough fans to go around. I kept myself cool by following every wave of heat with a spray bottle set on mist. Even then, I still nearly got heat exhaustion a few times. I felt like a terrible leader because I was trying to cool off more then actually take care of awards and devotionals and stuff like I came to the camp to do in the first place. Ah, well. Despite the heat I still had tons of fun.
I actually came home yesterday morning. I still had two doodles to post, but I was lazy. So I'm posting them today, instead! =D Oh, yeah... Daricio and I are starting a new project. Mostly it's my gift to Daricio since I didn't get her a birthday gift this year, and she's helping to perfect it. I came up with the idea when Lizeth made a fan-manga page of Daricio's time travel fanfic, The Day Before Tomorrow. I decided to create a manga for ALL of Day before tomorrow. The problem is that I'm not nearly as good as Lizeth, and there is also the problem of time. The Feeling Hollow pages took me a whole TON of time to complete, and those were only three pages. We've been sketching out plans for all of the pages, and for her first chapter, I've got over 15 pages to make. This is her SHORT chapter. Anyway, I'll be posting those on deviantart one by one as they are completed. Keep a lookout for them! =D!
Sorry about not posting anything lately. 1. I got a fever the day after summer started. 2. I started another animation class the following Monday. 3. The laptop crashed, burned, and died. 4. I haven't had any ideas as to what to draw.

So the animation class has been going good. I'll be posting the finished product soon. Also, I've got plenty of time to draw now that the animation part itself is done. Basically, I'm just waiting for it to render. I've got a lot of it rendered, but one part of it had to be redone completely with something called a daylight system that essentially slows down the render to a dead crawl. I had to redo three different scenes all with the daylight system. Each scene had about 90 frames. Each frame takes about a minute to render. Basically, I have plenty of time to draw now. Especially since they deleted minesweeper from the computers...

Oh, good news. The laptop lives again!!!

And I've got another suggestion for something to draw again. Yay me. This journal entry is basically saying that I'm going to be posting stuff again soon. Yay!
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Only three more weeks until summer is among us!!!! YAY!!!!! No more stupid field study!!! No more homework!!!! No more evil stupid OCD biology teacher who gives us the field study and won't tell us how to do it! No more waking up at 5 am every morning! Oh, wait. We still have three weeks left...

So, I haven't actually been posting many actual good drawings lately, and I would like to apologise. The number one problem is the field study that has been eating my time like the bloody parasite that it is. The second problem is that no one has been asking me to draw them stuff and so I haven't actually had any ideas or motives for drawing things. So, yeah. If any of you wish to see more drawings filled with awesome, please inform me as to what you wish me to draw. Thanks. ^^

Oh, yeah. And I'm still begging all of you people reading my doodles to give me ideas. I'm dead out! Blehhhhh... And no more voodoo dolls. These things should only have lasted two doodles and they've already lasted three. So if your ideas involve the voodoo dolls falling into some sort of anti-voodoo fire and burning while leaving everyone else unscathed, please feel free to include those. =D

Oh, yeah. I got highlights put in my hair! You can only see them in the sun because they blend in so much with my normal hair, but I got highlights! Yay!
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I've never celebrated May Day before. I didn't celebrate it today. I just needed a title for this generally pointless journal entry. I'm mostly just posting this to get rid of my Poland post since I've been home for weeks now. So! Happy first of May, and don't catch swine flu! We're all good.
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I'm spending spring break in Poland! I'm so happy!!!! I'm leaving tomorrow! Woo!!! Yeah, I'm going with DVD as a band trip. We're staying all week. It will be awesome. I'll have my first time leaving the United states by going to Europe. Sweetness! Yeah, so don't be surprised if I don't reply to anything until April 10th, and maybe some from jet lag and such. 14 hour trips do that to you. Oh, yeah. This is a bad time to say this, but happy April Fools day, everyone. But I am serious, I'll be in poland. If I really wanted to use a journal for April fools day, I would have told you all that I've quit drawing or something stupid like that. I'm actually surprised that deviantart hasn't done anything silly yet. Last year, they turned all of our avatars into mudkip. That was great. Anyway, Poland! YAY!
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YAYYYYY!!!!! I mentioned in the comments for my Lunar Wolf picture that it was being entered in a contest. The results are back. I won third place!!! YAY! It's not first place, but it's still more than I expected. But, YAY!!! I have a winning picture!!! The next drawing contest is coming up and I will be submitting the "winged horse" drawing. =D
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nothing special. I just wanted to not have the dead computer thing up. I've got it fixed. No prob. I'll be resuming my normal post rate which is once in every-now-and-then. AKA, when I feel like it.

You may notice that my minesweeper which used to be 116 sec. expert has gone to 118. I honestly tried to regain my old record when my computer died, but alas, I missed be two seconds.

Oh, yeah. Before I miss it, I'm now at exactly 111 deviations as of now! For those of you who know 11, 111, and 1111 are my favorite numbers. Because it's awesome.
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deepest sympathies. My computer has died. Don't expect me to update any time soon.
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Well, I would have posted this yesterday, but DVD stole my computer ALL DAY.

Anyway, I kind of missed Christmas due to my neglect of paying attention to the sands of time slipping quietly through my fingers. Seriously, I fell asleep mentally and when I woke up, Christmas was way behind me.

But New Years actually had some bad omens. Number one, all of the decorations except for the balloons were black at the party I was at. Then everyone popped all of the balloons. No balloon survived. Then, on the way home, bad stuff happened. Our car spun out on a turn on an on-ramp to the freeway and we got stuck in the snow facing towards oncoming traffic. Thankfully we were off the road enough that everyone could drive right past us, we didn't hit anything except for snow so no damage was done, and there were nice people who helped us out.

Now for those people going "Oh, no! I'm so sorry! That sucks!" ... stop. please. No one got hurt and it was actually kind of awesome! I've never experienced that before, and I'm happy about the new experience. It's not like any damage was done. Besides, those of you who know me know that I'm accident prone but I never get seriously injured. I haven't been in the hospital for my own sake since I was a baby. I've never broken a bone. If I had gotten hurt in this car incident, I would probably still be smiling because of the experience well earned. As it is, I'm just greatful I'm not in a hospital bed.

Anyway, Happy New years and a belated Christmas to everyone!
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